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Please note: The Chancellor’s Office provides access to the DataMart primarily to assist colleges for state and system accountability purposes. Statewide results for the most recent term should not be considered complete until all districts have submitted data.
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Full-time/Part-time (Unit Load) Status Summary
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* Students who meet the full-term reporting criteria in at least one of the terms during an academic year are included in this query.

* The full-term reporting criteria is defined as student headcount status STD7 of A,B,C,E,F,G or H. This definition was changed from a previous headcount definition (student headcount status STD7 of A, B, C, or F) due to exigencies of the pandemic that led to a known, definable undercount of real students, starting in Spring 2020. College adjustments to an alternative instructional modality to support flexibility in delivering virtual instruction as local and statewide conditions interacted with pre-pandemic definitions of headcount, undercounting students at a number of colleges throughout the system, adversely affecting headcount and enrollment reports. In the past, students enrolled in these alternative instructional modalities had been very limited and were not included in the CCCCO definition. To address this issue, the CCCCO has updated the headcount definition. This new headcount definition has been applied to all reports on DataMart.

* Please click here for Units Attempted (SXD3) definition.

* To determine whether colleges’ submissions are complete for a particular term or year, select the college wide search and select the term or year of interest and the previous year or identical term of the previous year. Once you view report, any college missing data in the year or term of interest have not yet completed their submission.