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Please note: Results for terms after Summer 2020 are not currently available on the DataMart due to misinterpretation of data that coincides with variation in college/district submission and verification as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Chancellor’s Office is reviewing the processes associated, in consultation with college and district stakeholders, to ensure complete, accurate, verified data are available in a timely manner.
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* Enrollment count is number of enrollments with grade of A,B,C,D,F,P,NP,I*,IPP,INP,FW,W,DR
* Retention count is number of enrollments with grade of A,B,C,D,F,P,NP,I*,IPP,INP,FW
* Success count is number of enrollments with grade of A,B,C,P,IA,IB,IC,IPP
* For detailed definition of enrollment grade (SX04), please click here.

* Distance Education Definitions: Distance education (DE) means instruction in which the instructor and student are separated by distance and interact through the assistance of communication technology. Whether a course is to be considered as DE, the basic criterion established in the GUIDELINES (March 2004) under Section 55205 needs to be applied (i.e., a distance education course/section or session utilizes technology 51 percent or more of the time to deliver instruction during the course term.) In determining the type of distance education modality to assign to a course, the predominant mode of delivery, in terms of time spent, is then applied to course sections where multiple distance education delivery modes (i.e., Internet, television, video tape, etc.) are present.
* For the detailed definitions of different types of distance education modalities, please click here.